The poetry in ARSON smolders with immediacy in language both critical and sensuous.

Twist writes about rebirth, the search for meaning, and the intimate power of the natural world to transform. His bold and revitalizing poems ask us to question our society and our actions.

ISBN: 978-0-9879415-3-4   Publisher: Jellyfish,  2012


Smoke & Earth

SMOKE & EARTH contains poetry of risk and change. Through natural themes of changing seasons, transformation, and life and death, this is poetry on the brink.

Twist also confronts what it means to grow and mature—these are poems meant to signify a turning point. SMOKE & EARTHresonates with the persistence and power of nature.

ISBN: 978-0-9879415-2-7    Publisher: Jellyfish,  2009



In DOZEN, Michael Twist writes intimate poems that comprise a year, with each poem representing a month.

Twist’s critical and perceptive eye for detail highlights the transformative power of time; these are poems of transition between seasons and relationships.

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ISBN: 978-0-9879415-1-0     Publisher: Jellyfish,  2008



Grandiose in scale, the poems in ORBIT lament for a fragile environment altered by humanity. The grandeur and awe of nature is compared to human relationships as Twist asks us to question our lifestyle choices and how they are affecting the Earth.

Are we on the verge? What legacy are we leaving our children? Twist writes critical poems of transformation and loss in ORBIT, and raises fundamental questions that need to be asked.

ISBN:978-0-9879415-4-1    Publisher: Jellyfish,  2007