Morton on Humanity: The Anthropocene

A dried-up reservoir bed in South Korea.It’s a long read on The Guardian, but definitely worth it.

Timothy Morton wants humanity to give up some of its core beliefs, from the fantasy that we can control the planet to the notion that we are ‘above’ other beings. His ideas might sound weird, but they’re catching on.

‘A reckoning for our species’: the philosopher prophet of the Anthropocene




Jaywalking 101

A hundred years ago, if you were a pedestrian, crossing the street was simple: You walked across it.

Today, if there’s traffic in the area and you want to follow the law, you need to find a crosswalk. And if there’s a traffic light, you need to wait for it to change to green.

Fail to do so, and you’re committing a crime: jaywalking.

The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of “jaywalking”


Paris invests in cycling and curbs cars


Paris has a rather ambitious plan. Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the first female Mayor of Paris, is is to ban all diesel engines by 2020, eliminate 55,000 parking spaces every year, and spend 150-million Euros to double the size of the city’s bicycle network.

‘Vélib’ is the trailblazing public bike share scheme, which – in the past nine years – has blossomed into the single largest system outside China. Three hundred thousand members take a fleet of 18,500 bicycles for an average of 108,000 trips per day, for a staggering total of over 292 million trips since launching in 2007.

Giving Parisians back the space that cars have taken from them

Image: Modacity

Image: Modacity

Bike Share system to launch in Vancouver … soon.



“This summer, Vancouver will join the ranks of over 800 cities around the world that have provided the gateway to utility cycling; and with that, an inevitable shift in our emerging bike culture, to one that is slower, simpler, and more civilized. But we are not alone in our unbridled enthusiasm.”

A public bike share system build specifically for Vancouver


Carbon map – which countries are responsible for climate change?

An interactive map shows what countries have been polluting the atmosphere with CO2 during the last 160 years. Since the industrial revolution, the developed West has been responsible for the most emissions, while now China is responsible. If you take into account the growing population in both India and China, the emissions are actually low per person.

Carbon map – which countries are responsible for climate change?

A Homesteader’s Philosophical Dilemma

Boreal_forestTen years after fleeing the industrial system, what has Peter Janes achieved?

Something many people dream about is to leave the city behind and buy a property on an island. This article from the Tyee interviews Peter Janes, who did just that. Our idealized notions of the country vs. the city are more complex when it comes to the environment, and this story is worth a read.

A Homesteader’s Philosophical Dilemma