9781894663052Highs and Lows: A Personal Approach to Living With Diabetes (Insomniac Press) is not a book of prescriptions or diets. It is a potent, personal account of the daily realities of living with a chronic medical condition.

Twist argues for a re-evaluation of the way we as a society view diabetes and those who suffer from it. Twist’s book fills an important gap in diabetes literature by offering valuable insights and helpful tips for young men and women living with diabetes, and for those of us who know them.

Reviews for Highs and Lows:

“…refreshing and insightful.” — Greg Osoba – Hollyhock Retreat Centre

“…discerningly honest and insightfully anecdotal.” –T.K.

“…right on the mark.” –D.W.

“I can relate to so much that you wrote about.” –L.R.