Best Dance Videos Top Ten

Here is an early Christmas present to cheer you up in these days of inclement weather. Yes, it’s my top ten dance videos of all time, which have been inspired by the general malaise at what passes for music and videos today.

These are all videos that will get you up and dancing like no one is watching, which is exactly what music should do, right? Happy holidays!

If I have forgotten to include your fave, please let me know.

1.) The Black Keys – Lonely Boy 2011

Let’s start it off with a more recent dance selection. Secretly, I’m sure most people have had a moment where they want to break into dance, alone, in front of a motel and sing along and dance to The Black Keys. And why not?

2.) Michael Jackson – Beat It 1982

MJ single-handedly breaks up a gang fight and gets them all to dance. Thriller got all the press and made him a superstar, but this video is based loosely on West Side Story (which is in turn based on Romeo and Juliet). Who knew Shakespeare and dance could still be relevant to inner city gang wars?

3.) Fatboy Slim – Praise You 1998

This video was directed by (and stars) Spike Jonze. Nobody had heard of flash mobs until the “Torrance Community Dance Group” made it happen at a movie theatre in Westwood, California. These are also the moves that burned up sidewalks everywhere.

4.) Feist – My Moon, My Man 2007

Before she became famous with 1234, Feist was making great music and this video features her dancing on a people mover. Now whenever you’re at the airport, you will want to get down and bust a move while en route.

5.) Jamiroquai – Canned Heat 1999

It was really all about the “Vote for Pedro” dance scene at the end of the film Napoleon Dynamite. But this video features some fun dancing on table tops, in bathrooms, on walls and on the ceiling, no less.

6.) Beyonce – Move Your Body 2011

Hey kids…don’t just stand there! Beyonce keeps it real in this school cafeteria video. It’s also part of the Let’s Move campaign against childhood obesity. If Beyonce was dancing in your school, you’d certainly be up off your seat too.

7.) Radiohead – Lotus Flower 2010

Radiohead’s frontman Tom Yorke dances around in his own restrained, yet manic, vibe. What could be better to tear up the dancefloor?

8.) Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights 1978

No one can quite match Kate Bush dancing around in a field in a red dress. Again, it’s more about doing your own thing and not worrying about what other people think.

9.) Public Enemy – Fight the Power 1989

The opening titles of Spike Lee’s film Do the Right Thing is legendary. Rosie Perez owns the floor with some intense dancing/working out.

Do the Right Thing/Public Enemy – Fight the Power

10.) Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice 2000

Spike Jonze was also responsible for getting Christopher Walken to show off his talents. Walken trained as a musical theatre dancer before his acting career took off, and the video features him dancing and flying around in a posh LA hotel.

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