Hey baby! We’re at 7 Billion…

Hey baby! So you may have heard that the world’s population has recently hit 7 billion.

Yes, that’s a lot of people, but what issues will we be facing in the coming years? The ability to have a decent life comes to mind, not to mention access to clean water, food, shelter, and education. These are the issues we should be working on improving for the people who are here living on this earth.

To find out how you fit into these 7 billion, you can visit this BBC link.

I did this and found out my number. What surprised me most is the increase in the world’s population that has happened since I was born. Is it alarming? Well, yes. And estimates say that by 2083 the world population will reach 10 billion.

It said as well that in Canada, like many developed countries, the birth rate is slowing and most of the birth rate increase is happening in less developed countries. Places like China and India, for example. Not surprisingly, it said that working-age people like me will support increasing numbers of older people during the next decades.

Here is the world breakdown:


10 most populous countries (in millions):

China 1,336.72
India 1,189.17
United States 313.2
Indonesia 245.61
Brazil 203.43
Pakistan 187.34
Bangladesh 158.57
Nigeria 155.22
Russia 138.74
Japan 126.48


Tokyo (Japan) 36,669,000
Delhi (India) 22,157,000
Sao Paulo (Brazil) 20,262,000
Mumbai (India) 20,041,000
Mexico City (Mexico) 19,460,000
New York (U.S.) 19,425,000
Shanghai (China) 16,575,000
Kolkata (India) 15,552,000
Dhaka (Bangladesh) 14,648,000
Karachi (Pakistan) 13,125,000


Mandarin Chinese 12.44%
Spanish 4.85%
English 4.83%
Arabic 3.25%
Hindi 2.68%,
Bengali 2.66%
Portuguese 2.62%

Note: percents are for “first language” speakers only; Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Russian, Spanish (Castilian) – are the mother tongue or second language of about half of the world’s population, and are the official languages in more than half the states in the world.
Source for all of the above: CIA World Factbook
As measured in persons per square km:

Monaco 23,763
Macau (China) 20,910
Singapore 7,447
Hong Kong (China) 6,418
Gibraltar (U.K.) 4,874
Bahrain 1,818
Malta 1,318
Bermuda 1,225
Maldives 1,060
Vatican City 1,041

As measured in persons per square km:

Greenland 0.0
Falkland Islands 0.2
Mongolia 1.8
Western Sahara 2.0
French Guiana 2.6
Namibia 2.8
Australia 2.9
Iceland 3.1
Suriname 3.2
Mauritania 3.4

Source: United Nations World Population Prospects, 2010

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