A Car is a Luxury – Letter Published in Georgia Straight (August 11-18, 2011)

Thank you Ted Laturnus for letting us know that “Cyclists and Motorists can coexist peacefully” (July 26, 2011) I will have to keep that in mind when I’m legally riding my bike on the street beside massive machines of plastic and steel speeding past, with drivers who sometimes choose to ignore me and traffic rules.

The reason cyclists are “in-your-face,” and “militant,” is because it’s a reaction to navigating cities built for cars. Cycling in the city involves asserting the right to bike safely.

Maybe one day, when the streets are filled with cyclists (as they already are in forward-thinking cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen), Vancouver will take its head out of the sand and cars will become the “discretionary form of transportation.” A car is, in fact, a luxury-not a necessity.


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