Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Vancouver, May 27, 2011 REVIEW

Sharon Jones and the Dap KingsLooking outside, it was more of the same weather that Vancouver has had all Spring: rain. I wasn’t going to complain about it, but I’m not exactly sure Spring actually happened. I mean, it’s almost Summer, right? But Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings were having a concert at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park and we had tickets, so we were going to go. It was raining a little, but the tickets said “rain or shine,” and I’m not afraid of rain.

It rained and rained. It was torrential.

I keep thinking how it could have been rather than what it was: it could have been a summery night with the fresh smells of cedars and mown grass in Stanley Park. It could have been sweet soul music on a delightful evening. But the concert that night at Malkin Bowl was accompanied by a Biblical rain that rivaled anything I’d seen before, except maybe when I was in Madrid years ago and got drenched in a park as well. But that was warm rain and a different story altogether. Vancouver’s rain is cold. And when you factor in the wind chill it’s freezing.

Sharon Jones was surprised by the rain as well. She emerged in a mirror dress and she sang the deep soul and funk the band is known for. The Dap Kings are tight, and the audience danced along enthusiastically despite the deluge. We were Vancouverites after all and to tough out a bit of rain was second nature. But people began to leave when it was clear the torrent wasn’t going to let up.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are an amazing band, and I love the funk/soul grooves and big band style, but the concert was a washout.

Here are some videos you have to see if you haven’t already:


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