adeleIt’s hard not to like Adele. Her striking and powerful soul voice captivates even the most jaded listener. Her latest album “21” has shot up the charts with much ado, and it’s a well-deserved success. Watch her on “Later Live with Jools Holland” and you’re in for a treat that people in the UK take for granted.

She’s made the cover of the Rolling Stone recently, and when she comes to Vancouver on August 9, 2011 she will be playing The Orpheum rather than the Commodore Ballroom.

Adele was born in Tottenham in north London on May 5, 1988 and began singing when she was 4. She is a graduate of the now-famous BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon (she graduated in May 2006.) “Hometown Glory” was her breakthrough song, back in October 2007, and “Chasing Pavements” came later in January 2008, which showcased her singing talent and many compared her to other UK soul revivalists such as Duffy. Her album “19” was released in June 2008, and despite some success, she cancelled a North American tour to be with a boyfriend. After her appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on October 18th, 2008, “19” shot up the charts.

Her latest album, “21,” takes a different turn, with a more a more rootsy, country feeling mixed in with the soul, and it’s a winning combination. The haunting, wrought vocals of “Rolling in the Deep,” work well with the powerful revenge story it tells. Adele calls it a “dark bluesy gospel disco tune.” As of April 2011, Adele has sold more albums than any other artist in the USA in 2011, selling over a million albums.

So will the success change Adele? Of course. But hopefully for the better. Other contemporaries (and graduates of the BRIT school) such as Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and Leona Lewis, have had varied success, but it looks like Adele has become the shooting star, and she has a great level-headed attitude towards her fame. While she has described her musical style as “heartbroken soul,” a style apparent with “Rolling in the Deep,” she won’t stay heartbroken for long. She has touched a nerve, and Adele is certainly a remarkable performer, one that deserves a listen amidst all the artificial excuses for music on top 40 radio today.

And if you happen to have a spare ticket for the Orpheum show in vancouver, I would love to go.

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